Robert Maschke, a german photographer, widely regarded for his expressiveness in artistic people photography.

His compositions not only spotlight the magic formula of human emotion, but deepen the distinctive melody of individuality as a very strong core force. Maschke gauges this rhythm of depth within his works, that have been published extensively since he gained his first photographic awards in 2008.

Born ´79 in Vienna, Maschke worked at various jobs in the media business, but soon felt his true passion and calling as a photographer. Besides his works for companies and products like effect®, Henkel, Bayer, Vorwerk or Salitos, his special combination of high-quality with high-touch, the so called "Maschke Effect", put him on the A-list of renowned photographers for musicians, performers and celebrities. 

Within his works for people like Mario Winans, Felix Sturm, AZAD, Kollegah, Lucy Diakovska, Xavier Naidoo, Yello or Maxim, Maschke combines second-to-none media effective contents with the technical perfections they´ve come to expect.

Robert Maschke himself does not believe in photography as a concept of mass-customization, but as an one-to-one mirror of dedication for life in its vivid up and downs.

His quarterbacks: trustworthiness, deepness of soul and creative essence.

His touchdown: unique artistic photography.

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